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September 11, 2001

First let us say our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families.

This country has shed an ocean of tears over your loss.

As Americans we expect the full cooperation by all governments from around the globe.

No country can deny our requests for support and have access to the largest economy in the world. The US government is bound by trade agreements not to impose high tariffs on goods and services from other countries. We as ordinary Americans are not bound by these treaties and are free to make purchasing decisions on our own.

I would ask all Americans to pay close attention to the actions of governments from around the world. If a country claims to support the US and still does business with governments hostile to the USA, these are empty words. Please write thought full letters and email making it clear to foreign companies selling to the US market that you expect the full cooperation of their government. These businesses must clearly understand Americans can and will base their purchasing decisions on their governments actions.

United We Stand